You numeric Twitter ID and other information will appear here.

What is this tool?

This tool called "Find Twitter ID" provides an easy way for you to get a Twitter profile's numeric ID and other information such as User name, Name, Creation date, Follower count and Following count.

How to use?

This tool accepts a Twitter username or profile link, for example:

  • katyperry

  • DaybreakGames




    Put your username or profile link in the text box and click the "Find numeric ID →" button, or simply press enter.

    The numeric ID will appear in the green box.

    Why use this tool?

    1. Find Twitter ID provides an easy way for developers and designers to get a Twitter profile's numeric ID.

    2. You will know your place in Twitter history. For example, put the username "jack" in the text box, the numeric ID will show "12", it means he is one of the earliest users Twitter's database.

    3. You will know exactly when the account was created.

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